Draping at College

Yesterday we took a different approach to primary research. We draped a garments out of paper or calico on the stand and then projected images onto them to simulate prints etc. This is all very well if you have a projector but not many people have them. Anyway, here is what I did:

The photos above show “The Short Coat”. Not a terribly imaginative name, I’ll grant you. But The Fashion Design Course book has a s suggested line plan so I’m using that as a guide, and it says you should have a short coat, a tailored coat, and a novelty coat. So here’s (half) a long coat:

One of the design features of this coat is that the front skirt buttons back for riding, revealing a (currently imaginary) red satin lining. This is the dress riding coat, by the way.
I’m quite pleased with the coat, especially considering I draped it and did any pattern cutting entirely by rock-of-eye. It’s just as well that I cut the sleeve cap too big because at the time I had forgotten that I wanted it to be a leg-of-mutton sleeve. Maybe it was my subconscious working for me!

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