“Comfortable Trousers”

That’s what my brother called his new jeans-trousers that I made him. They are a pretty good fit, certainly better than his shop-bought trousers/jeans. And they aren’t even to a personal block. These are standard size 32″,  just shortened to his leg-length!

Joe's Jeans
I do have one quibble though: why does the fly buckle when he wears a belt?

They are very much like the ones we made at Wayside Flower, but I drafted this pattern from scratch and used a zip-fly instead (whose specs I am still perfecting).

No super-saggy bum, or mono-butt. Better than those horrid dropped-crutch trousers in the shops!
Profile View
Profile View — An attempt at a candid shot

The photo above gives a good idea of the fit of the leg, and annoyingly, a view of the zip-pull. Why does the belt make that happen?!

At any rate, he’s happy with them, and he paid me £20 for the fabric etc., which is more than he usually pays for trousers. If he hadn’t been family I wouldn’t have done it for that (labour makes up a lot of the costs when you’re a small business), but I got to test the pattern, blog about it, and hope to make the pattern available (with some style modifications to avoid copying Wayside Flower’s design).

It took me two days of non-continuous work to make these, partly because I had an issue with the waistband. I think this denim may warrant interfacing on the waistband as I cut on the cross-grain (as Fasenalla advises) and it stretches a bit. It’s lovely denim, just soft enough and just heavy enough (11oz). And of course, no pins were used in the making of these jeans. 🙂


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