Hi-low coat

I was doing some decorating in a very cold building so I had to wear my coat. Consequently it got white paint on it, and the coat is navy blue. I had hoped that, it being water-based paint, it would wash off in the rain, but it didn’t. So I’ve cut off the bottom of the coat and given it quite a different look.

Note: my camera decided to ignore me on the face-recognition timer, so by the time I got this shot I was eating one of my home-made scones. Please excuse me, but it was the best shot. 🙂

cycling coat 3/4 view

cycling coat back view

I closed the vent in the back because it was uncomfortable to cycle in when I landed on it on my saddle.

coat side view

Side note: I don’t know if any other countries do this, but in England we wear a red poppy (usually paper) on Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day (which is today, the 11th November) to honour those who gave their lives for us in the World Wars. According to the Royal British Legion,

The Royal British Legion is a charity whose objectives are written in its Royal Charter.  The charity looks after serving and ex-servicemen, women and their dependants who are in need, financially or otherwise.

I wear mine for the service men and women serving since and now as well (that’s what the red thing on my coat is). God bless you all. I salute you. (I’m not collecting or anything, I just have a profound respect for and thanks for those in the Services.)


Coat Hiccup: I did try to do this the proper way of turning the bagged coat inside-out and re-sewing the hem, but for one reason or another it ended up all wavy, protruding in all directions that way. Maybe it stretched out during sewing, maybe there was an issue with the lining. Maybe I’ll never know. So I put the coat on in front of a mirror and pinned it as it looked best (yes, I used pins), Then simply topstitched the new, slightly-shorter-than-intended hemline. At least it’s presentable now. I quite like the end result really.

So that’s what I did last night. Why? Because I’m working on a cycling coat for a college project. More on that as it comes, mainly on Instagram because it’s quicker than blogging and counts towards my Project 365. 🙂




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