What Makes Student Designer Patterns Special?


My name is Sabrina Wharton-Brown. I’m a fashion student in Yorkshire, England. I started Student Designer patterns as part of my independent study project at the end of my first year of degree level Fashion and Clothing Design at Bishop Burton College.

Professional Sewing Methods and Results

The trouble many sewers have with commercial patterns is the instructions. If you follow them, your clothes look home-made. And the seam allowances don’t make things easier by being too wide.

Student Designer patterns show you how to achieve professional finishes in your clothes by teaching you specific seam allowances and industrial-style sewing methods. There is as little hand-sewing involved in the clothing construction as possible. These are the methods I use to make clothes that achieve my grades in university, and you can use them too.

In each Student Designer Pattern from the Secret Garden Tea Dress onwards, you will learn professional ways of sewing that you can apply to any project to achieve clean-finished, RTW results. The instructions have photographs for each step so that you can see what the project looks like at each stage in real life.


Student Designer Patterns are cut using the methods in the Metric Pattern Cutting books, i.e. a European system, which is renowned for it’s anatomically correct cut.

The sizes are from the charts in those books, the women’s being from the 5th Edition, the children’s being from the 4th Edition.


I am currently working on a collection of women’s wear patterns that will cover a range of fundamental techniques and give you stylish, well-fitting clothes for all occasions.


Feel free to get in touch at sabrinawhartonbrown@yahoo.com  or on the Student Designer Facebook page. I’d love your feedback because that helps me to improve my patterns!





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